The London Stereoscopic Company

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The London Stereoscopic Company imprint is Brian May’s new fine-art publishing company with a mission to share the world’s greatest 3-D images, from Victorian times to the present day.

No one knew what a Diablerie was and only photography enthusiasts really knew about stereoscopic photography so we had to make an impact.

“It was my dream to bring the LSC (The London Stereoscopic Company) back to life in the present day, and once again thrill an audience in their own homes, as they enjoy the magic of 3-D just as their ancestors did, along with new wonders made in the 20th and 21st century.” – Brian May

We launched the imprint, and the first book to be published under it, on Halloween at The British Library, transforming the conference centre into an underworld of devils and skeletons. Brian May and his co-author, Denis Pellerin, did a 3-D presentation of the book. Key photography magazines reviewed it and it was covered on the front page of Telegraph and in Daily Mail, Times, Express, Independent and Huffington Post.  The book was broadcast on Radio 4’s Front Row, BBC Breakfast, LBC and ITV. Even the music magazines reported on Brian May’s new interest, with articles published in Mojo, Classic Rock and Kerrang!

It was safe to say that the nation had been educated on a rare form of photography and a fascinating new book.

The following Halloween we launched this short animated 3-D film, which was an adaptation of the Diableries book. We held a press screening at Dolby and filled the cinema with technology and entertainment press. No one had ever seen anything like this before and Esquire proclaimed One Night in Hell to be “the best film you will see all Halloween.”

From devils to an exploration of the hidden relationship between paintings and stereoscopic cards in Victorian times. As Tate Britian housed some of the paintings that featured in the book, we launched the book in their gallery with a unique exhibit, introuducing The London Steresocpic Company to the UK’s leading art critics. The exhibit and the book featured in Telegraph, Guardian, Financial Times and Evening Standard, as well as a host of art and photography publications.

  • Client: Brian May

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