Unplugged at the Four Seasons


An enlightening journey back from living an iLife to a real life

Unplugged by Orianna Fielding, explores the destructive impact that social media and technology can have on our lives.

We launched it to the press at the Four Seasons in Hampshire, creating a bespoke eight-hour digital detox day of yoga, mindfulness, country walks and nutritious food. By the end of the day no one even wanted their devices back. The book was serialised in Sunday Times Style and covered in Psychologies, Marie Claire, Grazia, Women’s Health and Huffington Post.

The Four Seasons were so inspired by the day that they then set up their own package based on it and promoting the book.

Due to the success of her book, Orianna Fielding, has now set up The Digital Detox Company which we are due to launch shortly.

  • Client: Carlton Books

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