The Great Global Treasure Hunt on Google Earth

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This was the most technologically advanced treasure hunt that the world had ever seen. It involved the use of a book and Google Earth to solve elaborate, beautifully illustrated puzzles designed by genius puzzle master, Dedopulos. The challenge lasted seven months and the prize was €50,000.

Ettinger PR announced the project at London Book Fair six months before the challenge began. Telegraph’s technology writer reported on it as a “ferociously complicated new puzzle book that will give users clues to find places on Google Earth and lead them to a €50,000 prize,” and the story went global within hours, with publications from the UK to India reproducing it and generating a great buzz right up to the release.

Following the announcement, we then secured Daily Telegraph as a media partner for the campaign and they ran a full news story on the project once a month in Weekend, plus a weekly clue that we designed especially for them. The weekend before it all kicked off, they ran an impressive front page story.

In addition to this exclusive partnership, other nationals still ran stories and we secured coverage in all the key science and technology magazines including New Scientist, Focused, Shortlist.

The world entered, there was a winner and we announced them at the following London Book Fair in front of Telegraph who exclusively interviewed them for their final feature on the greatest treasure hunt the world had ever seen.

  • Client: Google

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